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SIJ Pain Handout

Exercise to alleviate pain around your back and hips.

You may experience sacroiliac (SI)joint pain as a sharp, stabbing pain that radiates from your hips and pelvis, up to the lower back, and down to the thighs. Sometimes it may feel numb or tingly, or as if your legs are about to buckle.The SI joint is to blame in 15 to 30 percent of people with chronic lower back pain.

About 80 percent of adults in South Africa will experience lower back pain during their lives. Lower back pain is a leading cause of missed workdays, and the most common cause of job-related disability. Exercise can help to alleviate pain as well as strengthen muscle that are known to cause this pain.

Ankle Rehab Handout

Strengthening after ankle or foot trauma and operations.

After a ligament, ankle sprain, ankle or metatarsal fracture etc ankle rehab can be painful but is neccessary to strengthen  the ankle and reduce liklihood of further injury or re-injury. This handout incorporates balance, proprioception and strengthening exercises to ensure a quick recovery.

Rotator Cuff Strengthening

Exercises for shoulder impingement pain and to strengthen shoulder girdle

This handout has exercises that not only strengthen your rotator cuff muscles in your shoulder to improve stability and scapular control. But also exercises that have been proven to improve posture and decrease amount of neck spasms.

Respiratory Physio

ACBT is an effective breathing technique that strengthens the lungs and facilitates diaphragmatic breathing.

Active Cycle of bretahing is used to rehab pneumonia, COPD and post op patients. It is best done with a nebuliser is you have secretion retention. It is also beneficial to do alone if done 3 x a day to decrease shortness of breath.

Core Strengthening Handout

A few exercises to increase your core strength and decrease back pain

For every kg n your tummy is the equivalent of 10kgs on your spine. If you suffer from lower back pain, core strengthening is essential!

Sciatica Handout

Exercises and stretches to relieve neural pain associated with Sciatica

Do you suffer with pain that starts in your lower back and extends down one or both legs as far as your foot? Do you struggle walking due to this pain?

The exercises in this handout are aimed at decreasing muscle tightness that causes nerve pain. improving strength in gluten to combat instability and nerve mobilisation exercises to decrease sharp pain with movement.

Wrist Pain Handout

Exercises and stretches proven to reduce common wrist pains.

An important part of wrist strain treatment is to rest from activities which aggravate the injury. Apply the PRICE principles in the acute stage of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Ice can be applied for 10 minutes up to every hour for the first 24 to 48 hours which is usually long enough for the acute stage to pass. You may need to wear a brace for comfort for the first day or 2 but then exercises and stretches should commence to avoid and stiffness and bring about further pain. The exercises in these handouts should be done 2 x per day according to pain.

Ankle Pain Handout

Exercises, advise and information on ankle injury both chronic and acute.

Battling with ankle pain or discomfort. Worried about returning to sport? Have a history of ligament sprain and rolled ankles?

This handout contains balance exercises, neural slides and glides, strengthening and stretching specifically aimed at strengthening ankles without causing pain. Give it a try and watch your pain disappear.

Knee Pain Handout

Exercises and information for knee pain and discomfort during activity.

Is your knee giving you trouble? Do you feel pain during or after exercises? Is there a history of joint pain and stiffness in your family?

This handout contains exercises, stretches and possible diagnosis to knee pain. The exercises and stretches are evidence based and beneficial in tackling acute and chronic knee pain.

Hip Pain Handout

Exercises and Stretches specifically for hip related pain.

Do you have hip pain? Have you previously suffered with lower back pain? Is there a history of joint pain in your family? 

The exercises in this handout have been researched and proven to help with hip related pain associated with lower back pain and arthritis.

Thoracic Pain Handout

Exericise and advice for mid back pain and discomfort.

Do you suffer with mid back pain? Did you lift something and immediately feel a spasm? Are you taking medication to mask the pain but have found no way to address the cause? This handout provides exercises that provide relief from pain as well as strengthen and stretch the muscles involved.

Lower Back Pain Handout

Exercises and information help improve and reduce your back pain.

Do you have lower back pain? Have you suffered for a while and nothing seems to help. Are you relying on medication to get you through the day? Try these exercises and immediately see the results. These exercises have been proven to decrease lower back pain by strengthening muscles that cause imbalances. and stretching muscles that have been found to cause inflammation and pain.

Neck Pain Handout

Exercises and Advice for General Neck Pain Pathology.

Do you have neck pain or do you know someone who does? Is it chronic or acute? Have you tried exercise to help or are you only using medication to mask the pain? These exercises have been tried and tested and have been proven to help with most neck pathology and reduce pain.

Shoulder Pain Handout

Exercise and Advice to Reduce SHoulder Pain and Improve Shoulder Function

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Nothing helping? Try these exercises and watch your pain disappear. Proven exercises chosen to improve general shoulder pain and discomfort.

Elbow Pain Handout

Exercise, Advice and Information on Elbow Injuries

Do you suffer from elbow pain? Looking for exercises to help but not sure which ones have been proven to rehabilitate your elbow and decrease pain? You've come to the right place! This exercise sheet contains information and easy exercises that have been proven to assist with general elbow pain and discomfort.

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