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There are two common types of lower back strain:

1. A muscle strain happens when the muscle is over-stretched or torn, resulting in damage to the muscle fibers (also called a pulled muscle).

2. A lumbar sprain: often due to ligaments being stretched too far or torn.

Common causes of a pulled back muscles are due to lifting a heavy object, lifting while twisting, or a sudden movement or fall. Often seen in incorrect weight-lifting techniques at the gym or heavy lifting at home. Be sure to bend your knees when lifting heavy objects.

Certain sports are also known to cause back strains especially with sports that involve twisting (such as golf/cricket), or any types of sudden impact or jarring motions.

Back strains and pain have been shown to lessen with increase in core muscle strength. For every kilogram on your tummy it translate to 10 kgs of weight on your spine, so weight loss is imperative to recovery and prevention of injury.

Pain management if you've sustained a back injury includes ice for first 3 days then heat for as long as pain continues. Ices and heat should only be applied for 10 mins at a time. Visit us for dry needling of the strained muscles, myofascial release and stretches in the acute phase then gradual strengthening and muscle stimulations for quick return to a busy lifestyle.

Contact Alex reid Physiotherapy Today for more information on pain management.

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