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Adjust your diet. Limit foods that contain a high level of a substance called purines. These include: Meat, (particularly game meats like venison or organ meats like liver) Seafood, Lentils and dried beans Certain vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and green peas.

2) Swap beer for water. Alcohol contains a lot of purines, particularly beer, so limit your alcohol consumption. On the other hand, staying hydrated with plenty of water—experts recommend 8 glasses a day—can flush uric acid from the body.

3) Maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight is a risk factor for gout, so getting to a healthy weight can decrease the risk for a flare-up. But lose weight gradually, because drastic weight loss is also raises the risk for an attack.

If you are experiencing more frequent or severe gout flare-ups, you can also talk with your doctor about taking a prescription medication. There are a few medications that have proven effective in preventing gout attacks.

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